Down the Aisle: Dani + Adam

The theater lights shone down upon the Lincoln East High School stage, illuminating Dani & Adam as they stood side by side in the chorus of their high school musical, "The Pajama Game." They began a friendship that at the time, left them completely unaware that some seven-ish years later, they'd find themselves side by side again... only this time, they'd be standing at the church altar. Doesn't that just give you goosebumps? :) The epitome of high school sweethearts, their story is as sweet as it is classic. Emir and I are honored to have been invited to share the day with this adorable couple and their loving parents, Bob & Mary and Roger & Jean.

After experimenting with a few fun ring shot ideas... I decided this was my fave. :)

A sweetheart neckline for a sweetheart gal!

Dani's dad Bob grew these dahlias in his garden! I'm told he is an award winning dahlia grower with all kinds of gorgeous colors punctuating his yard. I imagine it must smell amazing...


After the ceremony, the wedding party drove golf carts to the reception. What a fun idea!

In a screaming endorsement for lighting decoration, I'd like to point out the green uplights along the wall. They were gorgeous and completely transformed the space.

Bob gave several toasts... fondly referring to himself as the FOB (father of the bride). You wore it well Bob!

The wedding party and guests were a sight to be seen (and heard!). They all appeared to feel right at home on the dance floor... moving with ease and grace... they could even be heard singing along to most the songs! Talk about a party!

Congrats guys! Thank you for entrusting us with capturing the beginning of your new adventure! :) Enjoy your trip! (Anna- see you soon!)