Emmy & Ivy : Radtastic

You may remember the post a short while ago about my super cute hat that I picked up from Emmy & Ivy. These two ladies are the creative geniuses behind all the super cute things in the shop. Not only are they gorgeous... they're smart, talented... and a lot of fun!

Meet Jackie Ostrowicki....

and Sarah McCurley

Local business owners who are rawking it big time. :)

Can't wait to see what you two come up with next!


This past summer I shot Kinsley's senior photos. She came back for more... and this time, she brought her two sisters along for a Mother's Day surprise!

I think the girls were more surprised than anyone when the weather went crazy... wind and rain galore! It couldn't stop us from getting some ice cream though. :)

Cute shoes must run in their family!

Finally headed back to shelter...

You gals are troopers! That was loads o' fun... I hope it's a big hit with mom!

Soul Sista'

Back when my name was Khara Lintel (before Emir and I got married) people often thought my name was Kharalyn Tel.... ha! (especially over the phone....) Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from a real Karalyn, who even spells is similarly!

Karalyn stopped by last week for headshots for the upcoming Mrs. Nebraska competition. We had SUCH a blast!

That was too fun Karalyn! Thanks and good luck!


Sarah emailed me this week to see if I would take a head shot for her. She won a spot of honor on her high school wall of fame (she's a speech team super star!)... and wanted something more than the standard photo (that always gets my photo radar cranked up.....). I said, "Bring it!" And here she is... doing just that!

(I LOVE her red shoes!)

Sassy pants....

I imagine this is the one that may make the wall-o-fame in her school... but I couldn't resist having a bit more fun....

What!? Was it something I said? :)

Thanks Sarah... that was so fun! I'm looking foward to shooting your senior pictures in the fall!

The Del Ray Ballroom

I recently wrapped up a photo shoot at the fabulous Del Ray Ballroom in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket. The owners, Shelly and Stan, are updating their print materials and needed some new photos. Naturally, I was happy to oblige. These are some of my favorite shots....

PS: If you've ever thought about taking dancing lessons, this is THE place to do it! It seems like there's always another class starting.... grab a partner and get to it! (You can find Emir and I in the current Tuesday night class... we are LOVIN' it!)

PSS: If you're still not convinced, come to one of their Friday night dances to warm up and see some seriously stylin' moves to get you pumped up.

Family Fun

My sister and her husband were recently in town for the holidays and asked if I could do some "Just Because" photos for them. The weather was perfect for some outdoor snowy fun!

My obsession with shoe photos continues..... how could I pass this up?

Here's my brother-in-law grinning for the lens back in the studio. He wanted some shots for his website. I love his smile in this pic.

Here's my sister sporting the new green dress she got for Christmas. With blue eyes and curly hair, can you believe we're from the same gene pool?

Safe travels back to Oregon!

More Springboard Stuff...

While out doing Jessie's shoot we stopped at Iasan & Sebastian Studio Salon for a wardrobe change, and found this banner. I loved how it looked, and we got this shot just playing around.... kinda fun. :)

I loved the way the wardrobe rack looked while working with the girls on the Springboard shoot.... couldn't resist snapping this pic.

Here's Robin fulfilling the role of hair stylist. Work it Robin!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Ok... I'm no stranger to having clients from out of town.... but Alison and her husband came to my studio all the way from GERMANY!

They're a military family that has been based there for quite some time. While in Nebraska on "block leave," they wanted some pictures of the two of them before he starts his second tour in Iraq. We wish him a safe and speedy return!

Thanks for the opportunity to create something special for you two!

Alison was such a ham!