“Simply excellent.”

The knowledge and quality of Ms. Plicanic's presentation was top-notch. I followed closely and learned an enormous amount

— Scott., Practical Photoshop Basics

Wonderful short course that answered questions I had been googling for a year with no success!

After several years of using PS, this course showed me little secrets in the crop tool I never paid attention to before. Thanks, Khara, for making this fun and well worth my time. You are a natural instructor and I always check on your classes first.

— RockyinNC, Photoshop: Image Size, Resolution, and Cropping

I can’t get enough of Khara! She is very knowledgeable, highly creative, and very entertaining! I have used PS for years, but still consider myself a novice. I have learned so much from her. I especially love her ability to make things simple ... her peanut butter analogy is perfect, and her silly examples and “hidden” surprises are so much fun. I have taken her invitations courses, and I would buy any course she produces.
— C.L.


Highly recommended!!

Excellent explanation of just about everything I wanted to learn in Photoshop. Great details and step by step explanations. I have already gone back and reviewed lectures multiple times. Really wonderful as a long term resource.

—William Branley, Photoshop Bootcamp for Freelancers

“I just love the way she teaches.”

— Kevin Percha, Photoshop Bootcamp for Freelancers

Khara is a wonderful teacher. She has a gift for explaining technical aspects of photography in a way that’s easy to understand and is also fun! After completing this course, I bought two more of her Creative Live courses plus one of her books. 5 stars! Thanks, Khara!
— Dolph Abernethy


“I loved this tutorial!!”

Very well explained, and I can’t wait to make my own cards!

— Ainur Berkim, Design Your Own Cards in Photoshop (C)

“I love this teacher!”

She is funny, her classes are easy to follow and this one is no exception. In this class, the teacher present 4 different monograms and we are then invited to create our own using these techniques. The steps are easy to follow and give awesome results!


— Samantha, Designing Monograms

I love this course! I go back to it over and over gleaning little bits of strategy and technique that Khara’s shared and I know I can apply to a design project I’m working on. Her tips and tricks she gives along the way of teaching these concepts have really helped streamline my workflow. I could take a class from Khara all day long, she’s comes through the screen as very personable and fun.
— Janeen