365 Days

A new year, a new project. I decided I'm going to attempt to take 1 photo per day for the next year as somewhat of a personal photo diary. I've never been good at diary keeping, so we'll see how far this goes.... I've already almost forgotten a few days.... ha ha!

This is day one... New Year's Day. It was late at night, Emir and I were still at our computers when I realized I hadn't taken a photo yet.... so.... here 'tis!

After a couple days spent deep in brainstorming.... I was still working on a few new ideas....

Late at night, we headed to bed... when I thought it might be interesting to capture the current contents of my nightstand. A photo magazine, photoshop book, a collection of non-fiction essays, and another non-fiction work. I LOVE books. Seriously. Love them.

Embarrassing! Here's my love of books continued on day 4. I was looking for some camera gear that I couldn't find, when I started digging through the closet. I spent a couple hours cleaning out the closet, then decided to tidy up the book case (which prompted this photo). I still couldn't find what I was looking for. Eventually, I discovered my missing gear... in the basement. Ha! (A clean closet and re-organized bookshelf are great byproducts though!)

While shooting pics of my cousins in Omaha on Saturday, I found this cute sign they had drawn for me. How sweet is that?

Now that I have a sewing machine, I've become "one of them." A fabric junkie. I recently ordered a "grab bag" of scraps from an online store specializing in vintage prints. This is what showed up.