365 Days: Week 2

Last Monday, Emir came home and surprised me with daisies. He's the best!

Tuesday was my Abuela's (grandmother's) birthday. 83 years young! Here she is with Abuelo. They call each other "chachi." No one knows for sure what it means, but it's adorable. Aren't they the cutest?

That's right. 83 years young and Abuela is a total techie. Here she is on a video phone call to my uncle in Costa Rica (from her wireless laptop with built-in webcam! Ha!). Isn't that amazing?

Love you! Feliz Cumpleanos- Y muchos mas!

Emir and I signed up for Skype internet phone after SunRocket went under. We got this USB phone the other day, but haven't been able to get it to work just yet. I think we've spent more money on defunct equipment/service companies than we saved by switching to Internet phone. Ugh. We probably should've gone with Vonage from the beginning. Live and learn, right?

Ever since I saw an article in Martha Stewart Living about needle felting, I've been wanting to give it a try. I ordered some roving and needles from Crafts Etc. (I think they're owned by Hobby Lobby) and am in the process of trying to figure it out. If I make anything worthy, I'll be sure to share. (So far, Emir looks at me with raised eyebrows.... :)

In case you haven't heard yet, Up With People is coming to town for the first time since the fall of 1996 (when I interviewed and joined!). I met with Louise Wo, the Field Marketing and Operations Manager, last Friday. She's looking for host families for the cast members during their visit. It's only 3 nights.... and it's TONS of fun! (Great cross cultural experience for your kids!) If you're interested, give her a call at 489-2000 x 270 or 309-9545. Hope to see you at the show!

I love my parents. Seriously. They are the best. Sometimes, talking to them about anything and everything is the greatest thing in the world. Last Saturday, my mom and I talked for an hour-and-a-half! (Well, she would probably argue that I talked for most of that time.... she mostly listened. Ha!) You're the best mom!

I think I am single handedly supporting Amazon's business ventures (though I did buy most of these books used.....). Two more have arrived in the mail since I shot this pic! Inventory: 4 design/photoshop books, 1 knitting book, and 1 non-fiction essay. I'm so excited to read these!

Here's a screenshot from the coffee table book design that I finished recently. I can't wait until the studio sample gets here. I think it's going to look incredible! You can flip through the online version and see what you think. The kids did a fantastic job!

So.... today is Emir's b-day. While he was sleeping last night, I made him a cake. When it came time for the eggs, I looked in the fridge and I SWEAR we were out. I looked three times. Not wanting him to be without cake in the morning (cake for breakfast!), I put on my coat and went to the grocery store at 1am to buy eggs. When he got up this morning, he knew I had been to the store (we were out of milk), but didn't understand why I bought more eggs when apparently, we had another carton right here! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! How did I miss that?