A Jessica Simpson Moment...

The other day I discovered a particular variety of pickles that I really liked (as in, eat a whole jar in one afternoon type of like.....). I brought the jar to my desk to snack on while working, and thought to myself... "Wow! These are SO good.... what's in 'em?" So I looked closer at the nutrition label.... "Cucumbers?" I turned to Emir and exclaimed, "Pickles.... are really.... cucumbers????"

How was I supposed to know? I never 'pickled' cucumbers before! We ate frozen pizzas and home made Cuban food at my house growing up (which did not involve pickling cucumbers).

I can't believe I made it 28 years on this planet before figuring this out. Embarrassing!

Anyway, don't you love when life surprises you like that and makes you feel silly? Ha! I'd love to hear stories of your own Jessica Simpson moments!