A Sweet Simple Sunday

It's Monday... and I can't wipe the smile off my face. I've been better and better at adding balance to my life, and this past weekend I was very aware of, and grateful for, how far I've come in that pursuit. Sunday morning found Emir by my side for a (hilly!) 12 mile run through the country-side on the north/east edge of the city. Marking the apex of our training for the Des Moines half-marathon, it was also our first run with the new hand-held water bottles we bought, and I was happily surprised to find out that I didn't mind having it in my hand, the water sloshing around, for the whole 2 hours of our run. Our usual routes through the city leave us dependent upon the often sparsely available water fountains, and obviously, there aren't any to be found out in the middle of the country side, so the water bottles were a must... and they worked like a charm!

After getting home and cleaning ourselves up, we rode our new bikes to our favorite Sunday lunch spot, the Green Gateau, for mozzarella baguette sandwiches (on wheat bread instead of the baguette.... even better!) and replenished our depleted calories by splitting some cheesecake for dessert. :)

With the satisfaction of a good meal in our tummies, we hopped on our bikes and headed over to Emir's brother's house to welcome the family home from 2 incredible weeks in Europe. Adis & Laura (and Laura's mom, Jolene) hung out in Barcelona for a few days before heading to Bosnia to introduce little Haris to Emir's grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins. Seeing Haris chase pigeons in Sarajevo, walk hand-in hand with overseas cousins, and kick around a soccer ball with Dido Fehro (Emir's grandfather) in Doboj was an awe inspiring sight, representing so much of life's victories, hopes and celebrations in a single moment. Having been spread oceans apart by world events, I was inspired and moved to see so many generations moving forward together, with such life and promise. I felt fortunate to bear witness to such beauty and strength, and proud to share my life with such a loving, resilient and brave family.

Watching Haris with Emir's parents is also a treat. He adores them and makes them smile in a way that seems to make the world brighter. Just over 1 year old, Haris already understands and responds to both English and Bosnian... looking as equally at home here in Lincoln, as he does on the streets of Sarajevo.

Growing up in a bi-cultural family of my own... I have always felt extremely fortunate, touched by a special gift that I understand and appreciate more and more as I get older. I am tickled pink that the tradition continues with Emir's family... and can't wait to have kids of our own to share such  treasure with. :) Watching Adis, Laura & Haris is pure inspiration...

(These are some of their photos from the trip. The image in the bottom right is Haris walking through the house Emir grew up in, in Doboj... simply amazing...)

We spent the remainder of our Sunday evening with my family... chasing Cole around while keeping our  Sunday movie night tradition alive and well. All in all... a perfectly awesome Sunday. :)