AsukaBook Webinar Resources: InDesign for AsukaBook

I've created this book in both InDesign (for myself) and... under duress.... in Photoshop (by request for other photogs who are self-proclaimed InDesign virgins and wanted my designs in Photoshop format). I'm just happy I lived to tell the tale! :) I can't stress enough the importance of learning how to use InDesign in conjunction with Photoshop. They are two fabulous programs... each with their own specific purpose. There is a reason they both exist. Neither one fares well on its own.... but together? They're best friends. A truly dynamic duo!

Here are the links for the resource files I created especially for the AsukaBook "Ask the Expert" webinar series. I hope you find them helpful! (I'm quite fond of the pdf.... so if you like it, I'd love to hear about it!) Enjoy!

InDesign to AsukaBook (pdf)

Assign Color Profile Actions

For the curious souls who want to see  my Alphabet Book design in its entirety, it's here!