Bring On the Harvest!

When you look at your calendar for the next six months, are you excited? Bored? Perhaps, even terrified? Fall is on our heels and besides being my very favorite season, it's also a time for reaping what you sow.

Among some of the 'seeds' I've planted in the past year (or longer), were some changes to my workflow and service offerings that are just now coming to fruition and have resulted in unprecedented efficiency and streamlineness (is that a word? Apparently not according to spell check...). My wedding clients have consistently gotten their proofs and albums back in what I'm pretty confident is a world record-setting turn around time while I somehow managed to achieve a bit more of a balanced life. I've enjoyed various public speaking opportunities, taken some great trips, and produced work that makes me proud (and makes clients happy). And on top of it all, I'm having an absolute ball (can you say "Dancing With the Stars!?")!

This coming year's harvest is poised to bring even more opportunity for adventure, fun, exciting work, great clients... and of course, learning opportunities! Over the next few months, I'm excited about so many things, not the least of which are...

September: I'll be sharing my wickedly rad workflow prowess with WPPI Roadstrip attendees in Detroit and, with a string of Friday weddings this month, I'll be celebrating a few Husker football Saturdays with the best of 'em! Some really amazing clients even surprised me with a pair of Husker tickets so that Emir could attend his first football game.... EVER! (How insanely cool is that!?) Also planning to finally complete an application/project for what will hopefully become a truly positive, life-changing travel/learning/work experience. Keeping my fingers crossed!

October: I get to dress up (and wear heels!) and head to Denver to attend one of my best friend's weddings as a guest (what to wear!?). Plus, Emir and I will have the honor of appearing in a photoshoot (with a piano!) by an über talented Texas based photographer while surrounded by the beauty of Nebraska's celebrated sandhills. AND... I'll be running my 2nd half-marathon in Des Moines with Emir and my sister (both of whom will be running their first half-marathon, and are already insanely fast and kicking my butt!).

November: Looking forward to diving into the book project I've had on the back burner for the past six years (it's time!). With my favorite publisher on board, I plan to really hit it out of the park and finally get started on the long overdue writing process!

December: Personal & business reboot time to finish up various projects and hopefully deep clean our closets/basement, etc... (somehow, spring cleaning becomes winter cleaning at our place... ha!) Planning some trips to celebrate the beauty of the season with Emir... not sure where we'll end up yet, but a good time is definitely on the agenda! Will certainly be spending some time in the kitchen cooking up a storm of holiday delights and if I get really brave... I may attempt to bust out my sewing machine again...

January: Hopping across the pond to present at SWPP in London. The InDesign revolution continues! We'll also be catching up with dear friends in Ireland and Whales before hopefully hoping a flight to Morocco for our first African adventure!

February: Bring on the fun of WPPI! I'll be heading back to Vegas for another year of sharing my heart with fellow photographers and helping them be at their best!

March: A yurting adventure with friends! Since first hearing this word back in 2008, I've been fascinated and can't wait for this trip lead by friend and outdoor professional (not to mention former kabloom groom) Jason!

On top of that, I have some really incredible weddings and portrait sessions coming up the rest of this year and into next year that I am stoked about!

Like I said... harvest time is my favorite time of the year. :) Now, I just need to get my hands on a few good caramel apples...