Love Shoot: Halley + Chad

Often times, I come into my clients' lives amidst a sea of chaos and change: graduations, studying for the bar exam followed by taking the bar exam, wedding planning, showers, rehearsals, and—not to mention—starting a new life together. Despite the whirlwind of to-do's, these two are incredibly at ease. 'Tis the season of life! I look forward to celebrating with you in August... until then—remember to breathe! 0002001100190022003600400052

Love Shoot: Jared + Leigh

Leigh, Jared, and I welcomed one of the first officially "cooler" days of fall with an engagement session in celebration of their upcoming July wedding. It may very well be 100+ degrees the next time I have these two in front of my lens, but it'll still be a walk in the park as Leigh's feathers are impressively slow to ruffle. Not only was it pretty darn chilly out during yesterday's session, but we walked a million miles (and Leigh did it all in heels!), and—sadly, we eventually lost the balloons we were so excited to shoot with. (Surprisingly, even weighing them down with a hand-weight wasn't enough to overpower the wind.) Thankfully, we managed to work the balloons in early on....

Can't wait for their big day—working with these two is such a breeze! ;)

Love Shoot: Karen + Jason

Eighty acres! Say what?! These two love birds are planning their dream house on a whopping eighty acres of heaven a few miles north of town. Right now the property is filled with rolling hills, a pond, Karen's dad's fishing boat, and a tree swing carved with "Karen & Jason: Happily Ever After." (Obviously made with love.) I almost burst into tears when Karen told me how her parents surprised them with the swing. (I'm a sucker for sentimental things like that. When I moved to LA a billion years ago, my dad gave me a jar of dirt from my parents' yard with a label that said "You're Always Close to Home." Talk about a tear jerker!)

I can't wait to meet the rest of their families when their big day arrives in just a couple months!