ShootShack: Lindsey + John

In a fun departure from our classic ShootShack backdrop, Lindsey opted for gold sequins to fit the rest of her gold and pink theme. It was a huge hit—I love these images! ShootShack_0019ShootShack_0061ShootShack_0138

ShootShack_0232ShootShack_0167Yours truly alongside Jeff and Adam from JF+M. (They did a phenomenal job on the wedding video—watch it here. If you want cinematography at your wedding—contact them!)

ShootShack_0277ShootShack_0335ShootShack_0544ShootShack_0605ShootShack_0628ShootShack_0712ShootShack_0731ShootShack_0764And this, ladies and gents, is Candace from Lovestruck Weddings and Events. She's a wedding planning super star, and it was WONDERFUL to work with her and her associate, Lindsay, on this event. If you need help with your wedding plans—she's your gal!