Down the Aisle: Buzz + Andre

You know you're in for a treat when the bride's nickname is Buzz! Being in residency in NYC, she's crazy busy, so her dad did most of the wedding planning, and I didn't get much interaction with Buzz until I walked in Saturday morning and introduced myself. I was immediately smitten and instantly knew the day would be a blast. And wouldn't you know, I was right! Then I met Andre and I thought—how does this keep getting even more awesome? What a gorgeous couple! And so in love. When you look at the photos you can tell they were radiating joy all day long. An adventurous gal myself, I was fascinated to learn that Buzz climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with her brother and dad. (It's on my list!) And later in the evening, after a first dance that was too smooth for words, I found out that Andre, a scientist who's originally from Jamaica, was a professional ballroom dance instructor in college. Because—of course he was. He's fascinating and talented like that. See what I mean? Spending the day with these two and their families was like much needed medicine for my heart. Thank you all!


Down the Aisle: Lindsey + John

I'm sure Lindsey has been chomping at the bit to see this sneak peek... and the truth is, when I first went through and had my own sneak peek at everything, I originally picked 167 images for the blog. As much as I would love to post them all here, 167 images is a bit crazy (even for me). So it took me awhile to come to terms with saving some of them for later (not too much later, just later this week when their entire wedding edit and album design are finished). There's not much I can say that the pictures don't already convey: The day was perfect, Lindsey was a vision, and everyone had a rockin' good time. Lindsey assembled an all-star team of vendors to help make her dreams come true including Lovestruck Weddings and Events, JF+M, and The 402.


Down the Aisle: Adrian + Holly

Hastings, Nebraska was bursting at the seams with love this past Saturday as Adrian and Holly tied the knot and became "The Carlsons." (How fun is that?) 01540201

Isn't the lace on Holly's dress gorgeous? I love wedding dresses with some sort of strap...



Air born!



I love the expression on her face here... like she's not quite sure about that corsage...


Congrats you two—enjoy Estes Park!!!

Down the Aisle: Clar + Mike

Being invited back to photograph the wedding of a sibling of a previous client is among the most ultimate in compliments. It's been nearly four years since I shot Trevor + Allison's wedding, and it was a blast to see everyone again (along with a new grand daughter to boot). Clar and Mike are both fortunate to have such loving, supportive, and connected families. From the toast Mike's brother gave to Clar's dance with her dad... there were plenty of joyful tears to go around. 0088017603520440048405320597061806780694069607920804

Trevor, Allison, and Lillia! (Guessing on the spelling... hope I'm at least close?)


Down the Aisle: Amanda + Chelsea

I first met Chelsea years ago when I had the honor of creating her senior portraits, and to hear that she was planning a wedding made me feel as excited as it did old!  (Where has the time gone anyway?) Mother nature smiled on us last Friday as we captured these portraits in the gorgeous light of the setting sun...


A frame and two adorable flower girls are like frosting on the cake, making any image that much sweeter...


Chelsea nailed the schedule for the day, and we reaped the benefits with this light...


The kids! So sweet, so helpful, so eager to be part of the fun...


Congratulations ladies... I'm so thrilled to be part of your day!

Favorite 2013 Wedding Moments

Few things remind you how much you love doing what you do, like taking some time off. I made the decision to keep the fall/winter months of 2013 to myself, and it has recharged my batteries—big time.  Now that 2014 is upon us, I can't wait to dive into another great season spent documenting ceremonies of love and the beginnings of new families. In celebration of that, here's a look back at some of my favorite wedding photo moments (in random order) from 2013.


Down the Aisle: Jaime + James

Every wedding I have the opportunity to photograph reminds me how magical it all is. I remember when I was a kid, I thought that my parents just sort of always existed together as a package deal. Like, they arrived on Earth together for the soul purpose of being our mom and dad. Oddly enough, I can pinpoint the precise moment when it dawned on me that they actually, at one point, had totally separate lives, which they chose to join together in order to become what is now our family. Like I said, pure magic.

Here's to the beginning of a new family—congrats to Jaime & James!

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Down the Aisle: Jared + Leigh

Emir and I had the honor of photographing Jared's brother's wedding four years ago in Denver, and we always hoped that when the time was right, we'd be invited back to capture another historic Bakewell celebration. This time, the scene took place in Omaha, but the atmosphere was just as festive. Jared and Leigh and both their families have a special connection that makes it easy to see why they're all so close. We were honored to be part of their magic for another day. :)

This was when Jared saw Leigh for the first time and exclaimed, "A perfect 10!"

Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Scoular Ballroom where this black and white striped runner set the scene.

During cocktail hour we snuck away for a few more couple portraits...

After years as a bartender, Jared knew exactly how to put together the perfect signature cocktail.

Rather than a sit down dinner, guests were treated to a variety of food stations including a couple that were devoted to fries and mac-and-cheese! Needless to say, it was a huge hit!

Congrats to you all! xoxoxo

Down the Aisle: Megan + Joe

Some couples do a "first look." Megan and Joe did what I'm referring to as a "first tease." They didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, but they did want photos together, just separated somehow so they couldn't see each other while reading the cards they wrote for each other. Positioned on either side of a tree, we pulled it off. How sweet it was! :)

I love the look on Joe's face here—he was all smiles all day long!

After the ceremony, we were able to photograph the two of them together... no tree. :)

Congrats to you all! xoxoxo