Charmed Life

I'll admit it. I've never been much of a sucker for traditional Valentine's Day gifts. It's not that I have anything against teddy bears, diamond earrings, or oodles of long stemmed roses..... it's just that.... it's not my thing. Thus, I was surprised when I recently found myself wanting a necklace. Not an expensive diamond crusted 'collection' piece that seems to flood TV ads in early February, but just a simple charm. Something that I can wear all the time that means something special.

But... of course, I'm picky. And impatient. So, a week or so ago, I ran into something I liked, and bought myself my own v-day present. (ha!) BUT.... last night after Emir's and I enjoyed some fine mexican cuisine, I was surprised to find this gorgeous necklace waiting for me back in our room! What's even cooler is, he picked it out all on his own from a local fair-trade artisan store (Ten Thousand Villages). It was hand crafted by an artisan in Indonesia.

Now that's cool. Zales.... eat your heart out!  :)

(a few quick pics we just snapped at the MGM Grand awaiting the annual Canon sponsored 'wedding dinner.' I'm starving!)