How to Make a Domino Bracelet With Your Photos!

Who doesn't love a good photo related craft now and then? Whether you're in the market for some crafty fun  or you just need a fun, last-minute gift idea... this is for you!

(I originally created this tutorial a ga'zillion years ago for a publication that ended up not using it—go figure—and had forgotten about it until recently. Thanks to the search capabilities on my Mac, I was able to dust it off for you now. Enjoy!)


  • Dominoes (6 or so)
  • Black Elastic Cord (jewelry/craft store)
  • Glue (Mod Podge is great!)
  • Decorative Spacer Beads (2 for each domino)
  • Drill with 5/64 bit (or so)
  • Great pictures! They should be printed or copied onto regular, nothing fancy paper (actual photo paper is too thick)
  • Foam brush (or your fingers!)
  • Scissors & Pen or Marker

STEP 1: Drill holes Measure 1cm in from each end of the domino and mark  for drilling (2  holes for each domino). Drill through each domino. (A vise is very helpful, but not necessary.) If you prefer, it's easy to find pre-drilled dominoes at most craft stores if you don't have a drill or want to save a step.

STEP 2: Prepare and print photos Dominoes measure 1” wide and 2”  tall, so as long as you make the photo a smidge (a very technical term) smaller than that, you should be golden. To make things easier for you, take advantage of this lovely Photoshop template.

STEP 3: Adhere photos to Dominoes After printing the pictures and cutting them out, you’re ready to glue! Cover the back of the photo with glue (Mod Podge) and place it on the smooth side of the domino. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, the dotted sides are the inside of the bracelet. It’s actually reversible. If you want to wear it inside out, you can!) Repeat for the remaining dominoes and let dry.

STEP 4: Protect your photos! Cover the front of each photo with a couple coats of glue to seal and protect it.  (Allow to dry between coats.) Don’t panic, it will dry clear.

STEP 5: String together Layout the dominoes in the desired order. Begin threading the elastic through the top holes in the dominoes, adding a spacer bead between them. Cut the cord and begin again on the bottom holes. To finish, tie the ends of the string together making a knot (one for he top row, one for the bottom row).

Viola! Get ready to turn some heads!