Cruisin' in Style

In an effort to get more exercise (and humbly do my part to save the planet!) I recently got myself an old skool cruiser bike. Some assembly was required.... so I did what any typical young gal would do.... I called my Dad. :)

He is THE best. He showed up with tools, an air compressor, and his typical "I'll take care of it" enthusiasm. I just love him.

Isn't he the cutest?

My dad's hands are like magic. They can fix/heal/cure/build anything. They fixed up my bruised/skinned knees when I was a kid, they built the incredible jungle gym we had in our backyard when we were growing up, they hugged me whenever I needed it, and now.... even when I'm 28 years old... they're still willing to help me put my bike together.

Thanks Doad.... you are a treasure!