Emir is an Amidza!

Mother's Day: 11pm-ish. My sister-in-law's contractions dictate that.... it's time! :) She and Adis headed to the hospital and early this morning, little Haris entered the world!

Recently, Emir and I were involved in an intense conversation with his parents regarding what our official titles would be as aunt and uncle. The Bosnians have specific words to communicate the relationship as aunt or uncle, depending on which side of the family you're on. For example, because Emir and I are on baby Haris' father's side.... Emir is an 'amidza', and I am a 'strina.' If Emir had a sister who had a baby, we'd be on the baby's mother's side, so we'd be called something else (which, I can't remember right now, and certainly couldn't spell! Ha ha!). Interesting! Language and culture is always so cool!

Here's Haris getting his first bath. I thought it was extra awesome that the nurse had Laura and Adis give him his first bath (instead of the nurses doing it, and then Laura and Adis getting a crash course at home... by themselves!). I learned a lot just by watching. :)


It's hard to tell who newborns look like (their mother or their father).... and both Laura and Adis have such strong and exotic features... it's difficult to sort it out. But I think after intense review.... I'm leaning towards him looking somewhat more like Laura..... at least, that's my vote for now. :) It could all change tomorrow!


The new family of 3!


Here's Emir proudly embracing his role as admidza.... :)


Of course, I was happy to hold the little guy too! :) He slept like.... a baby! :)


Congratulations you guys! We're so thrilled Haris is finally here!