Fun in the Sun!

After my cousin's wedding, we spent 2 days playing in Miami. We spent day one (Sunday) bike riding through the city. We rented bikes in South Beach, and rode to downtown's Bayfront Park where we took a trapeze class (video coming soon!).

The cool thing about the bike rentals is, we planned the whole thing from my phone's Internet connection and Google text. It was a last minute idea that turned out to be a highlight of our trip (next to the trapeze class, of course.... :) Yay mobile Internet!

Trapeze class was the coolest thing! I'm preparing to get the video posted... stay tuned!

While walking around, it was common for the camera lenses to fog up from the humidity. I've had this happen to me a few times here at home, but it was a regular occurrence in Miami. Crazy!

Before heading to the beach on day two (Monday), we stopped for what we thought would be a cheap breakfast....

...until we ordered strawberry daiquiris ($20 a pop!). Holy cow!

It looks like I have a green leaf mustache in this photo.... a good reminder to always keep an eye on the background so silliness like this doesn't happen! (unless you want it to!)

Then, it was time to hit the water. We bought a special water-proof casing for our purse-cam so we could take it into the waves with us. So fun!

How awesome are those clouds? Miami has such an interesting weather pattern, it rains nearly every day.... even if only for 20 minutes or less. The sky is always dramatic! (Thank goodness for Weight Watchers! Ha ha!)

More food.... (this was a strong theme of our trip.... ;)

Party time at Mango's!