Get Ready Lincoln... Yours Truly is Hitting the Dance Floor, Salsa Style!

Quick, quick, slow... Quick, quick, slow... around the dance floor Nick and I will go! My voicemail indicator was staring at me, as it usually does... letting me know I had a new message. It was late (the middle of the night), and I was curious. I dialed in and a few moments later, heard a woman's voice (the fabulous Deb Schulte) kindly telling me that I was invited to participate in this year's "Dancing With the Stars of Lincoln." I squealed with excitement and immediately began fantasizing about music/wardrobe. :) Needless to say, it was hard to go to bed after that! :)

A fundraiser for the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company, it will be a night of great music, wonderful food, and pure entertainment... all with a good cause. The catch? I have about 3 weeks to finish learning and polishing our routine to hopefully avoid total humiliation on Aug. 20th. Yikes!!!

Other folks you may know that are participating incude Nancy Becker (LPS), Nancy Biggs (LPS), Gene Brake (Home Realty), Dave Hansen (Swanson Russell), Dr. Paula Harre (Harre Orthodontics), Brittany Jeffers (Channel 8), Amanda McGill (Nebraska Legislature), Corey McKeon (former Husker player), Gina Sherwood (B107), Dr. Jeff Tomjack (Women's Health Center), Terry Wagner (Sheriff), and my dear friend and crafty extraordinaire, Sarah McCurley (Emmy & Ivy).

The best part? You're invited!

Friday Aug 20, 2010 @ Embassy Suites Doors open at 6:30 (be there to snag the best seats!) Dinner & cash bar start at 7:00 pm, Dancing competition starts at 8:00 Tickets (including dinner): $75.00 per person ($850.00 for a corporate table of 10)

To get your tickets, contact Dr. Michael & Rita Dowd @ 402.421.2173 or Dale Miller @ 402.421.4639

Here are some heinously low-quality images (captured from low-res video stills) of myself and our choreographer Sean Siedhoff (Basically Ballroom). My awesome dance partner, Nick Hernandez was operating the camera (thanks Nick!). :) Next time, I look forward to capturing some imagery/footage with him in it! :)

Now... what to wear!?

ps: If you think you'll be in the audience, let me know! A gal performing a dance she learned at lightning speed can never have too many cheerleaders! :)