Going 'Big!' (Not just an 8x10)

Sometimes people call and ask for my guidance (yes.... why are you laughing? Stop laughing!) They tell me they "want something 'big,' you know... like an 8x10 or something."

8x10s make nice desktop photos, but when hung on the wall, they're not necessary going to stop someone dead in their tracks and make them say, "wow!"

For true 'wow' power, when you go big, go really big. Just to give you an idea of how (not) big an 8x10 is in comparison, here is a photo the Kelly family was kind enough to let me shoot at their home, of the 20x30 gallery wrapped canvas they recently ordered. Below, you see the same photo as an 8x10. Huge difference! Now, imagine a wall covered with 'em... that's some serious 'wow-ness!'

You can order a gallery wrapped canvas (they come ready to hang!) in pretty much any size your heart desires (large, really large!), so please be sure to let me know if you have any special requests. Client galleries also feature various "Inspire" wall collections to help give you some design ideas. Now, if you can just find a hammer.... :)

Here's another wall collection featuring a custom sized print. A group of six (6) of them makes a great focal point. (Have a frame with an off-beat size? No problem!)

Thanks Gina for letting me pop over to shoot your print arrangements! :)