Grenada: Crab Racing and All!

What a fantastic set-up! Annette's dad's restaurant served as home base for the entire family (plus us - they treated us like family.... so great!) the week we were down there. We gathered for breakfast and dinner each day to share stories and swap jokes. The corner of the balcony was a sweet spot for picking up a nearby wi-fi connection. Emir's ipod touch was put to good use!


During our life-altering escapade behind the wheel on the left-hand side of the road.... we journeyed into St. George on our attempt to drive the outskirts of the island. Note: If you ever find yourself in Grenada with an itch to try your hand at driving.... wait until Sunday when the roads are less crowded. You'll thank me later! :)


A view of the port.....


As we made our way around the island, we encountered lots of little shops such as this. You could buy cell phone cards, coca-cola, and fresh mangoes pretty much everywhere!


When we first arrived to our room, we found this yummy treat waiting for us. I love the design of the wrapping paper....


During an outing to town we got thirsty and found some new things among the tried and true.... The middle drink is a peanut-butter juice box. Fantastic! And peach & mango milk? Who wouldn't want some of that? Yum! Starbucks? Well.... sometimes you just have a craving. (Note: Refreshingly, we did not actually see a Starbucks in Grenada. I bought this one at a Grenadian grocery store.)


One of the bonuses of spending the whole week on location is that we were able to be part of and document the rehearsal dinner. It was held at the family restaurant and included steel drums....


and.... a crab race, naturally!


A professional bookie arrived with a collection of athletic crabs. Each had a number written in chalk on its back. (We bet on the first race and won 2 Eastern Caribbean Dollars! (That's about.... $0.80 USD).


Here, the boys look on as they try to decide which crab to bet on....


A large circle was drawn on the floor and the crabs were placed in the middle. When the bowl was lifted, the goal was to have your chosen crab be the first one to crawl outside the circle.


The competition was fierce! A real crowd pleaser for sure!


Pics from the actaul wedding coming soon!