Happy Feet!

This past week, I got to relive another one of my heart's passions.... dancing and performing. I've been in Denver helping Up With People (they were just in Lincoln in February.... remember?) showcase the entertainment they offer for corporate conventions, and other special events.

Here's a little video clip with some random moments from the show (featuring yours truly! I'm in the black/white/red floral patterned top... and later... a green one for the finale....)

A few more fun shots....

Yes, we strike our own equipment.... work those muscles!

This was the gypsy dance that I performed 10 years ago while on tour.... It is ridiculously fun!

This is Lamar. When I toured, he was our dance captain. The man is INCREDIBLE. Currently, when he's not in Denver helping with this production, he's dancing on cruise ships around the world. Amazing. It was so great to see him again!

The gypsy dance is wild.... lots of crazy skirt twirling!

Very colorful!

Up With People is truly an amazing organization. If you're between the ages of 17-29, enjoy pouring your heart into everything you do, and want to go out and see the world (and interact with it!) you really should check 'em out. I toured between high school and college, and it was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If you're interested, and have questions, I'm happy to talk with you!