I'm a Tia (Again)! Bienvenidos a Oscar Luis Furr!

Oscar is already one in a million—he was actually born on his due date. My sister Gina and her husband Roy arrived at the hospital about 5am, and Oscar arrived a mere 1.5 hours later! I can't wait to head back over later today and get a better look at him. He was eating within 15 minutes of his first breath—incredible!

Dominic was soooooooo excited. He could be heard proudly (and repeatedly) proclaiming, "My baby brother!"

Oscar gets checked out by the pediatrician (Oscar was not too happy about having been interrupted while eating!)

This is my favorite—the look on big brother Dom's face when he walked in the room and saw mom with baby brother Oscar. LOVE!

So glad Oscar is here! Can't wait to get some quality snuggle time with him soon!