Java, Biking, and the Pitter Patter of my Keyboard

It's December 4th and I'm proud to say that all of my 2010 brides already have their wedding albums in their pretty little hands (with the exception of the most recent three whose books are in production and should be shipping soon!). Holiday orders are finished. Love shoot albums have all been sent out. I'm even ahead on remitting sales, payroll, and quarterly taxes! Back in September, I had the chance to share my wickedly awesome streamlined workflow philosophies with attendees of the WPPI Roadshow in Detroit, and I've spent all of 2010 happily executing everything I talked about in Motor City, making for a truly awesome year. (Hopefully I can offer the same class as a platform class at WPPI 2012... until then, I'll be teaching not one, but ***two*** master classes at the 2011's WPPI! Registration is open now, and while my first master class is already sold out, I'm told there's one seat left in the advanced one... who will get it??????)

The month of December was intentionally blocked out on my calendar to work on various projects (and ideally spend time with the nephews) and it's been busy so far! Here's a sneak peek of me hard at work on my biggest project of the moment... more details coming soon!