Learning to Speak Irish

The internet is a remarkable thing. I have come to know some incredible people though this big ol' thing we call 'the web.' One such person is Carly Rodgers, a fabulous photographer across the pond in Ireland. We've struck up quite the friendship over the past few.... how long has it been? Months? A year? More? I've lost track! Not only have I enjoyed her charming Irish accent (even before we ever spoke on the phone, I could hear her voice pouring loud and clear through her emails), but I've even had the honor of mentoring her to help with the development of her own business. What fun! (She's every bit as darling on the phone as she comes across in email.... I love that!)

As a thank you, she sent me this unbelievably cool hand-painted gift! Merki and Emka's new friend comes complete with a KaBloom logo on the back of its head! Carly, you are amazing. Emir and I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing a Guinness in March!