Lincoln's Own Brand of Awesome Sauce

I love being part of a community that's rich with great people, talent, innovation and ideas! Toolulu's Deb Averett & Christy Nelson recently produced a one-of-a-kind event in downtown Lincoln called "Awesome Camp."

It was a conference of sorts, where everyone was welcome and anyone who wanted to could sign up to present a 20-minute seminar on the topic of their choosing. Topics ranged from kayak water-polo, to wind energy, to book publishing. Very neat!

Yours truly jumped at the chance (are you surprised, really?) and presented "Awesome Photos in 10 Simple Steps" and "Twitter: How Not to Suck at It." Emir got in on the fun as well with a web usability presentation!

The event was generously held at Red 9 (have you eaten there lately? we were treated to salads that were out. of. this. world!) and sponsored by great folks like Screen Ink, A to Z Print, SMC  Lincoln, Toolulu, Think-Do-Be-Create, Firespring, Fierce Robot and of course, the fab peeps at Red 9.

Silicon Prairie News was on-hand and recorded this video (they apologize for the sound and video being out of sync... kinda funny!)

Here's a video of the mavens behind the event, Deb Averette & Christy Nelson

See more images and read more about it at Silicon Prairie News and Toolulu.