Nut Crackin'

Was it because my cousins were in the show? Maybe because of the intoxicating beauty of Omaha's Orpheum Theater. Perhaps it had something to do with managing my schedule better so I had time to enjoy the show this year. I'm still not sure, but for some reason, I enjoyed 'The Imperial Nutcracker' more than any other ballet I've ever seen.

My cousin Evan (of Alphabet Book fame) as a 'Party Boy.'

Big sis Ellie (also appearing in the famed Alphabet Book) also was a 'Party Girl.'

Gorgeous details of the theater...

Overall, the show gave me the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from enjoying the fruits of human-kind's artful endeavors and constructive brilliance. It was obvious that those responsible for this production had poured their hearts into it (the costumes were astonishing!). And with all that is going on in the world right now, it was a welcomed reminder of the beauty that is possible in all of us.