Pretty as a Pin-Up! (Vintage Style)

What is it about old classic/vintage artwork that is so........ endlessly appealing?  I've loved vintage artwork since my grade school days when I spent hours on end drooling over Normal Rockwell paintings in a beat up old book my parents used to keep on the living room coffee table.  Since then, I've gathered and studied books of old master's classic pin-up paintings, looking forward to the day when time/energy/resources would permit me to pay tribute to the old classics in a new way, offering my clients a ridiculously cool and unique portrait experience. It's finally here & it's all yours!

I've amassed a collection of vintage wardrobe pieces and have teamed up with two fabulous hair and make-up stylists (Lindsay Epperson & Casey Kaufman) to offer you nothing short of a total transformation! Pin-up portraits make great gifts for husbands, husbands-to-be, and... of course... yourself!  Bachelorette parties? You bet 'cha! Contact me for more info!

Here's what some of the gals have said so far... "What an experience! I never knew I had "it" in me to suddenly pop my hips and give a smirk! The hair, makeup, clothes and accessories truly transformed me for the day. In the end, your energy and direction made me an iconic, classy pinup!"  -- Christina

Ladies, can you dig it? ;) (be sure to scroll down to see the behind-the-scenes video!!!!!)






Of course, I have to throw in a lil' behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to make it happen... too much fun!

The next upcoming pin-up dates are: Sunday May 31st, Sunday July 19th, and Sunday August 30th. Plan ahead and let me know if you're interested in more info!