Random Fun-ness (Is that a word?)

Ralph has been an invaluable addition to the team this season. Here he is on the job earlier this week.... (note his torn and tattered bottom side... poor baby is working hard!)

He makes a great hanging' spot too....

I gave in and bought THREE new covers for my shoot sac recently.... sometimes, you just have to spoil yourself... right? :) The ivory/black was getting old, I think the yellow with polka dots is my new fave. :)

I shot this one-handed, without looking, while holding Ralph with my other hand so he wouldn't blow away and leave poor Courtney stranded! Ha! Not bad, eh?

Mary snapped this pic of me on top of the ladder in my studio earlier today... ha ha!

On a completely random note... check out this spider web Emir and I came home to the other night.... it was HUGE!