Santa. Merki. And Snow.

Santa must've forgotten to bring me a shiny and spacious craft room this year, so I'm still stuck schlucking all my sewing gear out onto the dining room table if/when I want to get crafty. I had high hopes of whipping up some special goodies for the nephews this year... but then time ran short and... well... it hasn't happened. Yet. (Gina was quick to tell me that the Denominator has enough stuffed animals and toys already, so I guess I'm off the hook with him... which is good b/c what I was planning to make for Dom would've required a miraculous channeling of someone else's sewing skills. I got lucky on that one!). In the meantime, I guess the dedicated sewing room can wait until I can at least remember how to thread the bobbin.... ha! ;)

The days and days of snow we've had hasn't slowed Merki down much. She begs and begs to go out, only to repeatedly act surprised when she sees the snow is in fact, not an illusion. (She is hilarious to watch while she pounces around jumping in and out of snow drifts!)

When she gets back inside, she knows from experience that positioning herself between us and our computers is the best way to ensure constant attention. Here she shows Emir the right button to get the job done....

I love snowed in holidays. :)