Saturday Afternoon Catch-Up

It snowed. Again. After a 60 degree day filled with the vitamin d goodness of the sun, it snowed while temperatures plummeted back to below freezing and the weather fairies laughed at us and our newly washed cars (that's Nebraska for ya!). But, even on a day like this... even after running 10 miles through the icy snow this  morning.... I am feeling good. Really good. I've been relishing the time I've carved out to spend nurturing my passions and creativity... and naturally, that feels awesome!

I've been reading up a storm lately which has not only stirred up tons of new ideas for my business.... but has also helped fully embrace and better understand lots of new things that I'm really excited about! Reading is something I love dearly, but it tends to be very labor intensive because I don't just read. Nope. I devour. I read for knowledge. For wisdom. For inspiration, ideas and sometimes... just plain fun. Like a run-away freight train, I dog-ear any and every page that casually mentions something half-way interesting that I might want to follow-up on later. It could be another author I want to check out, or a website I should visit... or simply another book that I may buy while further contributing to's global empire. :) These are just a few of the books currently protecting my nightstand from dust.....

The same is true of magazines. They've been piling up on my desk since November (literally... I just learned all about the latest and greatest Thanksgiving recipes), but I recently made my way through about 30lbs. of them. This, of course, means piles and piles of tear sheets that I now have to sort, file and somehow put away for a possible later future reference (who doesn't want to know Martha Stewart's brilliant ideas for dying easter eggs or some random tutorial on the pen tool??????). *sigh*

Through it all... Merki provides plenty of comic relief. After my run this morning, I fixed a big yummy vegetable/pasta lunch, and while I was getting things out of the cupboards, guess who was taking their place.... that's right. Miss Merki. When she was finished hanging out on the bottom shelf, she made a u-turn and cozied up amongst the soup cans on the 2nd shelf. After that, she wanted out.  While most cats are content to paw at the door until it opens, Merki literally launches herself at the door... through the air... until she lands atop the lattice where she literally hangs until someone lets her back in. I was able to catch it on camera today.... too funny! I love the look on her face, as if she'll fall to certain death if we don't let her in..... Right this very minute.

It's still daylight... plenty of more reading to do. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!