Springboard Gals: Take 2!

Robin Gifford from Springboard called me to set up a shoot for her girls. We spent one (long- but fun!) day shooting. I haven't even had time to go through all the shots yet... but these were some that caught my eye.

Special thanks to the guys at Midwest Steel Co. for helping us out with this one... (we really had to twist their arms.... ha! Yeah right!)

Can I just say that I LOVE this! Getting a background to go 'white' like this is an artform all of its own. (Not to mention rawkin' the subtle reflection, the wind, and seamless integration between the floor board and back drop. Phew!) I must say... this image makes me proud. :) (disclaimer: of course it's helpful to have such a gorgeous subject.... if this was a photo of a greasy tire wrench, I don't know if it would have the same effect... ha ha ha!)

Is it just me, or does this shot remind you of the ol' Estee Lauder print ads for "Pleasures" perfume?

I love shooting with parking meters.... they're so.... happy! (Except for when ignoring them scores you tickets....)

Miranda could turn it on for the camera like you wouldn't believe. Bring it!

I love the hard-rocker chic look....

This gorgeous gal is a tower of legs. Amazing!

Of course, it was great to see Bryttie again too! Best wishes next year chica!