The Book! Available for Pre-Order

As some of you may know, I've been taking some time off to focus on a very exciting project: My first book! Written especially for beginners, it's called, "Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back." The message is: cameras don't take great photos—people do. If you want better pictures, don't buy a new camera—learn to use the one you've got!

This ain't your average camera book! Believe it or not, I've found a way to combine Law & Order, sumo wrestling, cookie dough, and a chapter called, "Death by Cropping," into a fun and snappy book to help you get the most from your camera—whichever one you already have. But you'll have to get the book to see what I mean… ;)

It recently went live on Amazon and is available at a special price for pre-ordering, so treat yourself, your family, your friends, and learn just how how awesome your camera truly is!