The Closest I May Ever Get to Appearing in a Music Video...

A few weeks ago I got an email from my friend Lan Bui who had this fun idea to make a lip dub video with a bunch of photographers who have enough loose screws between them to actually go through with something like this. :) (Just one of many reasons why I love this industry so darn much!) When I found out the song of choice was "Firework" by Katy Perry, I thought it was pretty apropos, considering we were all getting ready to head out to WPPI, one of the biggest (and most fun) conferences in the industry, where pros from all over the world come together to be inspired, share with others and continue the quest to master their craft.

Some of the cast gathered in the Los Angeles area to do a group shoot, while others filmed their segments remotely and sent in the finished files for editing. My segment was filmed locally at Marz in dear ol' Lincoln, Nebraska... you can see the result at 00:51 and again at the end.

Huge shout out to everyone involved... The Bui Brothers rock it again! :)