The Small Stuff

Boxes. Packaging tape. Shipments. Shoots. Edits. Deadlines.  Phone calls. Emails. Amongst the craziness of the busy fall season, I am making an extra effort to delight in the small stuff. You know what I'm talking about.... the sunshine that peeks through the clouds on a gorgeous fall day. The smell of crisp autumn leaves twirling from the tree tops (onto the lawn, awaiting a good raking), and of course.... the opportunity to wear boots, scarves and yummy sweaters! The past few days (weeks) are kind of a blur. In the middle of it, I found this little treat waiting for me on my front porch. The thank you card wasn't signed, so I can only guess what sweet and thoughtful person(s) left this... but I think I have a pretty good guess. :) Please know that you made my day! Maybe the small stuff isn't so small after all? :)

Thank you!