The Star City Parade Goes Green: Kermit Style!

I've been looking forward to this past Saturday for YEARS. It's been quite awhile since I was free on a Saturday that happened to coincide with the annual Star City Parade, but this year, the stars aligned and I got the 'holiday cheer' fix I was looking for! :) Cranking the awesomeness up an extra notch was Nelnet's sponsorship of Kermit the frog!  Emir and fellow Nelnet crew members brought up the rear of the parade while livin' large as 'balloon handlers' for Kermit. Good times!


Kermit was the tallest balloon in the whole parade with an impressive height of roughly 30 ft!


The lovable muppet had a crew of roughly 18 people helping him along the parade route. Talk about teamwork!


Up close and personal with the Nelnet team.....


Kudos to Katie who spearheaded the organization of Kermit's 'balloon handling.' Here, she celebrates her victory!


Thanks for helping to make another memorable Star City Holiday Parade. So fun to be part of it with the crew! ;)