Tulips + a Lion Cub

Just before leaving town last Friday for Michelle & Matt's love shoot in Denver, I felt compelled to capture some of the joys of our yard in spring. Lilac bushes, an apple tree, our deck and some tulips. One of these years I plan to learn a lot more about gardening.... but for now, even if I don't have a green thumb, I can still appreciate this gorgeousness!

Then.... there's Merki. For some reason, Emka never has a hair out of place... but Merki.... is a completely different story. Her knots got to the point where petting her seemed like it hurt more than it comforted... so I called up the groomer and took her in for her annual buzz cut (never really a pretty sight, it's obvious we don't groom her for aesthetic reasons... lol!). She doesn't seem phased as she looks out the window... such a little stinker!

I hope wherever it is that you find yourself this spring, that you're enjoying it!