Twice the Fun!

I have wanted a tandem bike for.... ever. For as long as I can remember. Since the Double Mint commercials, since I saw one at the Walton Trail Co. (remember that place?), since... well... you get the idea. Plus, how cool would it be for photo shoots? (Engaged couples... that means YOU!)

A few months ago I bought one online, but it arrived damaged and so I sent it back. :(

BUT! This past weekend while on my way to shoot a wedding, I passed a garage sale with a tandem treasure! With no time to stop, I frantically dialed my mom (garage sale maven and bargaining queen!) and begged her to drop whatever she was doing and get the bike (my bike).

She was happy to help (she IS the best....). Too big to fit in my truck, my dad delivered it this morning. I am in heaven!

I love the retro font... complete with little 'stars.' Cute! This baby is the real deal... I love it!