Workflow + Album Design: creativeLIVE Wrap-Up

Wow. The entire crew over at creativeLIVE is on their game like nobody's business. They make magic happen on a daily basis, and—they make it look easy.

For those of you who aren't familiar with creativeLIVE and how it works, they offer entirely FREE online workshops, broadcast over the internet to anyone in the world with a connection. If you enjoy the course and want to keep it for future reference, you can purchase it for immediate download (which often includes some bonus goodies too).

They're quickly taking the whole world by storm, and I am beyond honored to have had the opportunity to be part of the fun and witness their collective genius in action. (Group hug!)

I shared my approach to wedding workflow and album design, detailing how for the past 3 years, I've managed to edit a full wedding (and design the album) in 8 hours or less, getting everything back to clients within a week of their wedding. I've been teaching variations of this topic for a few years, and there are always some folks who think I'm making the whole thing up. :) To put an end to any doubts you may have, at the end of Day 2, you can watch  me design a full 40-pg album (entirely from scratch in InDesign), start to finish—in 35 minutes. LIVE and on-camera.

Think I'm kidding? Get the course and see for yourself! ;)

Here's a wrap-up from the end of Day 1: (Huge shout out to the entire creativeLIVE crew and everyone who tuned in to be part of the world-wide magic... Collective happy dance!)