Class of 2011: Danielle

We're cruising down the street en route to our first location and I'm listening intently as Danielle tells me about her post high school plans. She mentions that she's interested in dance... and maybe a unique program for arts management. Not many schools in the country offer programs in both those areas, and certainly fewer still are known for being stand-outs in those respective departments... but one school (my alma mater) jumped to mind immediately because it accomplishes all of the above... and before I could even say anything, Danielle exclaimed, "We're looking at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point!" I shrieked with excitement-- I loved my time at UWSP and was thrilled to hear that she's considering it... Somewhat of a small treasure tucked away in central Wisconsin, it's a bit of a hidden gem. I love knowing another Nebraskan soul may be enjoying it next fall... Small world!

Have a great year Danielle! :)

Welcome to the World Corbin!

I don't know how she does it... Corbin's mom, January, warned me as I passed through their front door... apologizing for the "mess." I still don't know what she was talking about... their home was spotless. If that's what I get to look forward to when having kids... sign me up! Sheesh! What's my excuse? Can I blame Merki???? Ha ha! :) January was aglow with the light of motherhood... and little Corbin was basking in it, blissfully unaware of my presence. He did seem to really enjoy his snugly wardrobe options.... way to go mom! ;)

Welcome Corbin!

Down the Aisle: Jackie + Monte

In a herculean effort to get their images up for enjoyment before they leave for Paris (this is a monster post!), I'm abandoning my attempt at trying to write something brilliant because... well... words don't seem able to do their day justice. I humbly hope that the images might go some distance to convey how special September 10, 2010 will forever be in their hearts and the hearts of all who love them. Thank you for entrusting me to capture the romance, love and jubilation of your day, your lives, yourselves. Best wishes as you begin your next adventure... I am honored to call you both friends.

Location: Sheldon Art Museum Flowers/Decorations: Hillis & Company Catering: Chez Hay Harpist: Heidi Beran

One word: LOVE. Bon voyage!

Class of 2011: Monica

Look at this girl go! Monica was all business when it came to these images... way to rock it M!

For some reason, I really, really, really love this image. I think it was because she was totally in her own world... not paying attention to the camera. This was a 'test shot' that ended up a keeper! I love the contemplative expression on her face...

Two cheers for pink!


Another love!

Great job Monica! Hope your senior year is off to a rockin' start!

Class of 2011: Anna

I keep crossing paths with this incredible young lady, and I'm always shocked by her wisdom, maturity and overall grace. I *think* we first met when she contacted me about job shadowing. We got together for coffee and talked about what it's like to be a photographer, what a "typical" day (there isn't one!) looks like, and some of the challenges and rewards of owning your own business. Then, just last month, I photographed her sister Dani's wedding (gorgeous!) and I was reminded of just how incredible their whole family is and I kept thinking, "No way that's the same girl who's about to be a senior in high school!"

But at last... it was Anna. She is simply *that* awesome. :) Her shoot was straight up HOT. Hot as in, there was actually a heat advisory put out that day so I called her to see if she wanted to reschedule... but with school about to start, our calendars would play havoc trying to align for another day, so we pushed through it and got these gems.

Can't wait to bring Emir back to my Alma Mater for a home game and see you leading the marching band Anna! Rock on!