A Little Imagination (and a Cape)

Two imaginative boys  + one pair of blankets = instant super heroes! Of course, these are no two ordinary boys.... they're the extra imaginative sons of Randall Myers... creative genius extraordinaire (and clever designer of the beloved KaBloom logo!). I caught up with them on a recent balmy evening to capture their 'now' moments. The drama of this shot makes it among my faves!


Caden is FAST! But I managed to catch him as he flew by... undoubtedly on his way to perform heroic duties of some sort.....


How classic is THIS?


This just cracks me up...


As the boys climbed the trees, they would occasionally get nervous and reach for Dad. Randall was always right there with strong arms and a quick "I won't let you fall... I'll never let you fall." Isn't that the best comfort in all the world? No wonder Caden looks so at peace on this tree branch in the image below.....


Nothing like some quality wrestling time with Dad!


Sometimes just getting the old skool water fountain to work is an amazing feat of dexterity and patience. Nice job Grant!


I *heart* this image of Caden! He was such a good sport... putting up with me and the camera in his face for so long.... I hope he looks back on this image years from now with a smile. :)


I"m told that Grant is sometimes lovingly referred to as 'ditto' because of his tremendous idolization for his big brother Caden. If Caden is on the tree swing, Grant wants on the tree swing. If Caden is sporting a super hero cape, Grant wants a super hero cape, etc.... It's endearing to say the least. :) Here, both boys catch their breath on the park bench..... (but not for long!)


General monkey business....


The boys are quite fond of their butterfly net.... after running around the playground, Grant drags it home victoriously!


The perfect ending to a hot summer day... icee treats in the backyard with brother. :)

lincoln-nebraska-childrens-photographer-07You guys are a great. Enjoy!