Chaza + Joe: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Chaza and Joe's wedding touched my heart in a number of ways. Their wedding was a cross-cultural celebration that just made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Chaza was drop dead gorgeous, and photographing the two of them was pure joy. :)

See what I mean!? Are they glam, or what? I {heart} her dress!

Old skool classic!

Seriously, just when you thought it couldn't get any better....

Her jewelry was fit for a queen!

Chaza and her family are from Syria... thus, their wedding programs featured both English and Arabic... (which I think is one of the most beautifully written languages... and hope to someday have the opportunity to study). How gorgeous is this?

This was the moment Chaza arrived at the church. She was breath taking!

She and Joe didn't see each other before the ceremony, and she arrived only moments before it started, so we had to sneak in these portraits of Chaza quickly. Everything went so smoothly... it was a breeze. :)

Their reception was at the Wick Alumni Center... they did an incredible job with decorations.

One of my favorite things about many of the Middle Eastern cultures is the music and dance. When it came time for the father/daughter dance, Chaza and her father put on quite the show! The joy in their faces is captivating....

What a treat! Thanks so much for letting me capture your beautiful day. I wish you both a lifetime filled with love, health, and happiness!