Cutest Little Majom

There's just something magical about pig-tails, isn't there? I don't think there's a papa's heart on this earth that doesn't melt when his little girl sports such a 'do.' Here, Lily conquers the trifecta: pig-tails, pink balloon, and an adorable sweater. You're in trouble Denes! :) 65

Who doesn't love to play in sand???


LOVE this!


Lily is 2. That means she's independent and not always interested in playing along with our requests. :) Here, she's fascinated with the imaginary "majom" (monkey in Hungarian) that she believed to be perched on the roof. She and Denes keep quiet so as not to scare the animal. She was so into it, the only way to get her to look away from the roof was to tell her the majom took up residence inside my camera! Ha! Check out the adorable look on her face as she gets close to try to catch a glimpse of the majom in the lens!1

Snuggles from Grama and Grampa is the icing on the cake of any photo shoot!