Down the Aisle: Anne + Tim

You know how sometimes when you're around great people, you just feel like you've known them forEVER!? That's how I felt the minute I walked in the room and saw Anne standing in her wedding gown and met Ruth.... her mom. With a huge grin on her face she gave me a big hug and I thought to myself.... "I have the best job ever!! What a great day we're going to have today!" And great day it was! The wedding took place at Anne's parents' house in Bruning, NE. Everything was perfect... even the rain fell on cue (only during appropriate moments... like during the reception while everyone was gathered under the big white tent). It was like a scene from a warm heart-felt romantic comedy starring the likes of Julia Roberts. Even the water cooler was awe inspiring!


Anne with her Grandpa. Isn't he cute?


Anne was stunning and Tim, who couldn't wipe the smile off his face... was one of the most emotionally expressive grooms you've ever seen. What a pair!


This is her parents' drive way. Photo-tastic!


Their day was laced with musical song. I knew something was up during the ceremony when guests were asked to sing along to "Thou True Vine, That Heals" and "Heart with Loving Heart United" and instead of sounding like... well... what most mixed groups of folks sound like when singing together in public... they broke out into multi-part harmony!


Gordon Miller continued the ceremony with some wisdom, well wishes, and an entertaining quote from "Married Lovers, Married Friends."


Anne did her own flowers (with some help from the incredible women in her family)..... they were beautiful and smelled absolutely heavenly!


The musical motif continued as their entire group of guests sang as a send-off before Anne + Tim climbed in their horse-drawn carriage and rode off into the sunset. Simply amazing! :)



Anne + Tim: You and your families are truly blessed! Congratulations and much love to you all!