Down the Aisle: Brent + Kelsey

For some reason, I feel like I've known Kelsey and her sisters for just about... ever. I first met her sister Jill through my mom.... who is a regular in Jill's chair at her salon. Through Jill, I eventually came to know Kelsey and Kylee... and got to work with all three of them as the photographer at Kelsey & Brent's wedding in Beatrice, Nebraska yesterday. The girls got ready at their parents' house and watching them buzz around like a well rehearsed symphony (in overdrive) was a royal treat! lincoln-nebraska-wedding-photographer-beatrice-29lincoln-nbebraska-wedding-photographer-beatrice-07

The instant I saw Kelsey's dress I fell in love with the material the skirt was made of... I know it has a name.... that swishy, accordion-folded material.... but I can't think of it. The skirt had multiple layers draped one over the other.... simply delicious! Anyone know what it's called?


I am totally obsessed with the open road, so I was thrilled when Kelsey agreed to oblige my request for these images. We had a good laugh when the flower girl and her mom drove by as we shot these.... they must've wondered what in the world we were doing..... maybe she thought Kelsey was a run-away! Ha ha ha ha!


When Brent first saw Kelsey... how cute! (You could hear the onlookers 'awh-ing' through the house windows.... nice try you guys!) Ha ha! (BTW- remember their rockin' loveshoot pics?)


This home has been in Kelsey's family for four generations. They brought the wrought iron fence with them from Germany and it has been here since they first built the house. Unbelievable! The house now belongs to Kelsey's aunt and uncle and they have done an incredible job maintaining its unique charm.


I think weeping willows are among my most favoritest (is that a word?) of trees!


Ummmm.... is this be-AU-tiful or what? :)


The little peeps... (minus one of the flower girls......)


The girls.... with Kelsey's two sisters on either side of her. Too cute! Hooray for outdoor shots and cooperative weather!


Can't forget the boys!


Isn't this image the church crazy? (in a good way!) It sits on a hill.... on a corner... and with the sun setting just behind it, the illusion is that it's alone atop the world. Fascinating!

lincoln-nbebraska-wedding-photographer-beatrice-23 This shot is all you Brent! :)


The priest was so helpful and welcoming.... I love this image of him with the marriage certificate. :)


On to the reception!


Phew! Job well done you two! Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy Maui! :) Thanks for inviting me to be part of your celebration!