Down the Aisle: Brett + Sarah

A-Team all the way! It literally rained (different degrees of severity) all day today for Brett + Sarah's wedding.... but did they let it get them down? No way! This is a mega-post.... too much goodness to resist. You've been warned! :) nebraska_photographer_14 Here we head out for some portraits. (Notice that you can actually see the rain falling, and Sarah still has a smile on her face!)


The wedding was at Country Pines, so we had lots of green, rustic stuff to play with!


Isn't that flower in her hair just perfect??? It makes me want to marry Emir all over again so I can skip the veil and rock the flora...


I LOVE these next two shots! The gentleman with the hat looked so interesting to me... and how could I resist anyone who shows up with a classic vintage treasure for a camera!


Awe geeze.... do we have ta?


Back-up was in full effect! :)


Cute kiddo alert!


I love the depth in this image from the ceremony...


I get a lot of requests from peeps all around the country who are interested in tagging along with me on a wedding shoot. Yay for volunteer assistants! But what I have to warn you is..... it's not easy! Just ask Emir.... he comes with me every now & then and when he does, I am routinely in awe of the patience he has towards me. I'm so used to working alone, that I'm not very good just plain bad at knowing how to accept/manage help. (That, and.... I'll admit that it's hard to shake the many years I spent as a bossy big sister... but I AM working on it! ;) Emir, you are a saint. Thank you for putting up with me! I love you, love you, love you!!!!


So here I was trying to get some shots of our lovely bride and groom.... and.... here's Evan. When I tried to take his photo earlier (see above), he wasn't having it. And here, during the middle of the ceremony, he couldn't get enough of me! :)


Evan worked the camera for quite awhile before his attention was diverted... leaving me with a clear shot.  (Well.... that.... and I just came in for a close-up. Evan is only so tall you know! ;)

nebraska_photographer_15nebraska_photographer_27nebraska_photographer_24nebraska_photographer_26nebraska_photographer_23nebraska_photographer_25nebraska_photographer_29nebraska_photographer_30You guys were rock-star good sports! Thanks so much for your cooperation and willingness to work with the rain, instead of against it! :)