Down the Aisle: Megan & Brandon

Weddings are a peculiar thing. Somehow, even amidst all the frenzy, the frazzle and stress.... it all just works out. Even if your ceremony rehearsal leaves you with lingering questions, if the shoes that you thought you packed are still at home (with a car load of other things you meant to bring to the church), and you ran 30 minutes late at the salon.... it all works out. Weddings are just magical that way, and Megan & Brandon's was exactly that---- magically perfect. I mean, they nailed it. Way to go you guys! They nailed it so well in fact, that this blog post is mega huge! Special shout out to Megan & Brandon's parents and the wedding party for being so extra fantastic to work with. :)

These are my first glance faves... narrowed down from 144 picks. Way too much good stuff goin' on in there! :) Enjoy!




Boys will be boys.... thanks for being good sports and playing along!




Megan & Brandon gave each other a wedding day card. Here, they read what the other wrote. Too cute!



See what I mean about fun?! You guys are a hoot!


A little Jamaica inspired send-off....


Congrats to you and your families! I am honored to have been invited to share in the beginning of your new adventure. Take Jamaica by storm and travel safe! :)