Down the Aisle: Tyler + Acacia

West Point look out! I was thrilled to be invited back up to West Point to photograph the beginning of Acacia and Tyler's new adventure. I've shot so many weddings up there, it's beginning to feel like my home-away-from-home! It's always an extra treat because I get to see so many familiar faces every time I'm up.... it's like a reunion! Acacia's girlfriends came in from near and far to be part of the excitement. Here, the team helps her get ready.


How gorgeous is this hair bling?!


A+ for teamwork!


We were invited onto private property for some photo opps. Always a welcomed treat!


This particular piece of private property came with a little orange cat.... who wandered info the frame of one of my shots. :)


I loved Acacia's bracelet!


I spotted this moment happening while I was in position towards the front of the church. It was a lesson in patience as I tried to telepathically communicate that I needed Acacia to take one more step down the stairs for the shot to work... (earlier, the ceiling above had cut her off right at the neck... not quite the image I was going for! Ha ha!) Eventually she did, and I managed to score this gem. :)


Blaine was less than enthusiastic about the ceremony once his duties as ring bearer were finished. Ha ha!


Small towns often have surprisingly lavish cathedrals. St. Mary's is no exception! (Here's something interesting from St. Mary's for all you collectors out there!)


Instead of bubbles or rose petals, Acacia and Tyler opted for sparklers! Logistically, that presents a huge challenge, as lighting them each takes time. The solution? A blow torch! :)


The brides maid dresses were gorgeous. They were apparently originally designated as 'Mother of...' dresses, and aren't from the 'brides maid' category. Maybe that's why I like 'em so much?! Either way.... simply fabulous!


You can see the characters I got to work with..... ;)


Let the good times roll!


I thought this couple was especially darling... isn't his smile fantastic!? They were obviously having a great time!


The kids enjoyed a full stock of glow-in-the-dark goodies.... great idea Acacia!

wedding-photographer-lincoln-nebraska-27I hope you're all basking in the after glow of a wonderful day! Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of it!