Elizabeth: Senior Fun!

Elizabeth and I had quite the adventure as we bopped around town for her senior pics. We stopped at the house of their friend who has an award winning garden and a fabulous lawn! Here's Elizabeth enjoying the greenery.... :)

Whoa.... look out! :)

Shortly after this shot, we discovered a purse laying in the grass nearby. It looked like it had been stolen (it was empty and the strap looked like it had been cut). Like a good citizen, when our shoot was over, I promptly drove it to the police station near my house.

I have a kind of compulsion to return missing/lost things to their rightful owner. I've been known to track people down on the other side of the country to return something I found on a bus... and one time, my mom ordered a purse from an online retailer, and it arrived complete with random items left from someone who had bought it and later returned it (without emptying it fully!). It's fun to track these people down and get their stuff back to them. Imagine how happy and surprised they are! Yay!

Love it!

Who knew something so simple (white wall and random chair?) could look so awesome. Way to rock it Elizabeth!

Now... that's just plain silly.....

So fun Elizabeth. Thanks for trusting me with your senior photos. Enjoy the rest of your summer!