One of the things I love most about working with seniors is learning more about the next up-and-coming generation. These are the young people who quite literally are the future.

If there's more folks out there like Miss Holly... we are in GOOD shape! Not only is she intelligent (and adorable), she's a member of the speech/debate team with quite the long list of accolades and is just an all around fabulous gal!

Lens flare... couldn't resist. :)

I love this photo. The intensity in her eyes can stop you in your tracks.

We laugh a lot on shoots.... it's part of the gig. :)

It's not every day you can convince someone to set up a FULL drum set in the middle of a downtown street! I love it! Special thanks to her parents for helping... and putting up with the insane wind!

Best wishes to you on your life's next adventure Holly!