Kelsey & Levi: Leaping for Love

Kelsey & Levi just got married, and I have to say, their ceremony was one-of-a-kind. Levi is a videographer who managed to film the actual proposal to Kelsey.... and used it in a movie that played in the church at the beginning of the ceremony. So cool!

Here they are leaping for love.... would you believe we scored this on the very first attempt? Yes, they are THAT good. :)

I love this series of shots....

Kelsey ran into a little flower drama the day before the wedding, but it all worked out (of course!) and the flowers were gorgeous....

In fact, I thought her bouquet was so beautiful, I took a few more shots of it... :)

Walking back to the church, the flow of Kelsey's dress caught my eye.... I love how it moves!

One of the bridesmaids had this little Sony dangling from her wrist.... cameras DO make fabulous accessories!

We managed to escape the crazy storms that hit Omaha today.... the weather was fantastic, the air was so still I was able to snag a few bubble shots!

You two are adorable together. Thanks for letting me share your day.... it was absolutely fabulous!